Abbott Farm Ware Ceramic Sherds


Abbott Farm Ware Ceramic Sherds


These ceramic sherds were found at a Late Woodland site in Prince George County on the southern Coastal Plain. They are examples of Abbott Farm Ware zoned pottery, a rare type that is highly decorated with fine, incised motifs forming geometric bands around the vessel. These vessels were likely used in large ceremonial feasts around 1100 C.E. They were found with hundreds of deer, turtle, turkey, mussel, gar, and sturgeon bones and shells. This suggests that the feasts occurred during the springtime, when these fish swim up the James River from the Chesapeake Bay to spawn. This annual event drew people to this location for at least 600 years.

Date Created

1000 - 1400 C.E.


Mike Makin



Physical Dimension

705 × 525


Prince George County