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This watercolor by English artist John White shows a bird's-eye view of the Indian town of Secoton, or Secotan, in the Outer Banks region of present-day North Carolina. White visited the town in July 1585. White's detailed rendering of the town shows…

This watercolor by English artist John White shows the fortified Indian town of Pomeiock, or Pomeiooc, in the Outer Banks region of present-day North Carolina. White visited the town in July 1585.The Indians who resided there were closely related in…

Werowocomoco Unearthed.mp3
When Robert and Lynn Ripley purchased a 300-acre farm in Gloucester County, they knew that archaeologists suspected it was once the home of Powhatan, the Indian chief who reigned when the first English settlers moved into Virginia. Researchers…

House Pattern - Page 8.jpg
The footprint of a house pattern, believed to date to around 1600, has been marked off by archaeologists in Virginia Beach. The dark marks indicate postholes from wooden supports. The homes of Virginia Indians at the time of the Jamestown settlement…

03 Elder Wisdom.mp3
In this episode of the radio program Elder Wisdom with Barbara Roberts, which first aired sometime around 2001, Roberts interviews Monacan chief Kenneth Branham, Karenne Wood, and Hattie Bell Hamilton. Elder Wisdom with Barbara Roberts is produced…

Nansemond - Page 39.jpg
This house, created in consultation with the Nansemond Indian Lee Lockamy, is a reconstruction of structures typical to the Algonquian-speaking Indians of Tsenacomoco at the time the English settlers founded Jamestown. It is located at First Landing…

Monacan Dwelling 2.jpg
A photograph by Bill Johns, taken on September 16, 2006, during the Monacan Fall Festival at Natural Bridge, shows the interior of a replica Monacan Indian dwelling.

Indian Settlement Home.jpg
A log cabin stands at the Monacan Indian settlement at Falling Rock, near Bear Mountain in Amherst County in 1914. The photographer,Jackson Davis(1882–1947), was a Cumberland County native who took this photograph as part of a series…

An unidentified Nansemond family poses for an unknown photographer near Portsmouth or Virginia Beach sometime around 1900.

An elderly Nansemond man and child pose for an unknown photographer in front of a building in an unknown location sometime around 1900.
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