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Canoe dance.jpg
Virginia Indians perform a Canoe Dance at the "Big Day Out" event in Kent County, England, June 2006. From left: Jessica Canaday, Keith Smith, Barbara Williams, Glenn Cannaday, Faye Fortune, Adam (?), Judy Fortune, Jerry Fortune.

Native Views of Pocahontas.mp3
In this excerpt from "Jamestown: What Pocahontas Saw," an episode of the radio program With Good Reason, Keith Smith, a Nansemond Indian, and Sue Elliott, a Monacan Indian, discuss native views of Jamestown andPocahontas. The program first aired…

Nansemond - Page 39.jpg
This house, created in consultation with the Nansemond Indian Lee Lockamy, is a reconstruction of structures typical to the Algonquian-speaking Indians of Tsenacomoco at the time the English settlers founded Jamestown. It is located at First Landing…

An unidentified Nansemond family poses for an unknown photographer sometime between 1890 and 1900 in Bowers Hill.

An unidentified Nansemond family poses for an unknown photographer near Portsmouth or Virginia Beach sometime around 1900.

An elderly Nansemond man and child pose for an unknown photographer in front of a building in an unknown location sometime around 1900.
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