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This romanticized 1845 oil painting is believed to represent seventeenth-century English colonist John Rolfe and his wife, Pocahontas. Partially dressed in armor, Rolfe has one arm around his Indian bride and his other hand touching the base of a…

Matthew Johns and Warren Johns pose for an unknown photographer outside of Saint Paul's Church in the Monacan Indian tribal area in Amherst County sometime in the 1960s.

In an article published in the New Era Progress on October 22, 1908, the Reverend Arthur P. Gray Jr. writes of his missionary work among the Indians of Amherst County.

This quilt, depicting Bishop Heath Light of the Episcopal Diocese of Southwestern Virginia shaking hands with former Monacan chief Kenneth Branham, is the work of Pat McCauley, wife of Monacan tribal member Tommy McCauley. It was made to commemorate…

James Horn, author of numerous books on colonial America, and Douglas Foard, expert on Spanish history at George Mason University, describe the remarkable story of Virginia Indian Paquiquineo, also known by the Spanish as Don Luís de Velasco.…

Portrait of Reverend Thomas Langston 1885.jpg
The Pamunkey man Reverend Thomas W. Langston sits for an unknown photographer in 1885.

A painted and framed photograph of Reverend Thomas W. Langston, a member of the Pamunkey tribe, was taken in October 1899 and indicates his birth date as September 24, 1839. The photographer was the prolific De Lancey W. Gill (1859–1940), who…

Chickahominy School, 1910.jpg
Samaria Indian Church was built in 1910 in Charles City County, on the former site of the Samaria Baptist Church. A group of Chickahominy families acquired the Samaria Baptist Church in 1901; they had withdrawn from the Cedar Grove and Little Elam…

The Doctrine of Discovery.mp3
When the British planted a cross and their flag on territory previously unclaimed by European nations, they were, Chief Justice John Marshall would later say, exercising a right of discovery that extended back to the fifteenth century colonization by…

What Pocahontas Saw.mp3
Historians Helen Rountree and Camilla Townsend deconstruct and demystify the legend of Pocahontas in this January 14, 2007, radio broadcast of With Good Reason, hosted by Sarah McConnell and produced by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.
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