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2005 Homecoming 1.jpg
This photo, taken by Bill Johns on October 1, 2005, shows the Monacan Indian Nation's Homecoming and Scholarship Auction in Amherst County.

Monacan Burial 2.jpg
A stone marker indicates the burial site of a number of Monacan Indian families at Bear Mountain in Amherst County. The photograph was taken by Bill Johns on March 18, 2006.

Bear Mountain Indian Mission School 2.jpg
In this photograph by Bill Johns, taken on October 27, 2007, a Virginia Historical Highway Marker marks the location of the Bear Mountain indian Mission in Amherst County. Erected in 2007, the marker reads: "Bear Mountain is the spiritual center of…

Monacan Dwelling 2.jpg
A photograph by Bill Johns, taken on September 16, 2006, during the Monacan Fall Festival at Natural Bridge, shows the interior of a replica Monacan Indian dwelling.

Chief Bryant.jpg
Chief Sharon Bryant of the Monacan Indian Nation is shown in this photograph by Bill Johns taken on May 21, 2006, at the annual Monacan powwow in Elon.

Wounded Indians - Fredericksburg.jpg
Wounded white and Indian soldiers, the latter possibly sharpshooters in the Union Army of the Potomac's Ninth Corps, rest under a tree outside the home of former Virginia lieutenant governor John L. Marye, near Fredericksburg, on May 19 or 20, 1864.…


A packaging label for Indian Queen tobacco, manufactured by W. A. Blankenship and Company of Richmond and dating to the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, features an Indian woman standing outdoors with a tepee and Indian man in the…

Chief Running Deer, of the Rappahannock Indians, prepares to throw a stone-pointed spear at a fish in the James River at the Jamestown Festival Park. At the time Chiles T. Larson took this undated photograph, Running Deer served as a historical…

Mattaponi - Page 34.jpg
This pot is a piece of classic blackware by Christine Custalow, a member of the Mattaponi tribe. The pottery is formed with coils of clay, then covered in pine needles and wood and fired in an outdoor kiln to create a black finish. For more…

The family of George Major Cook, members of the Pamunkey tribe, poses for the photographer De Lancey W. Gill in an unknown location sometime around 1899. Gill (1859–1940) was a prolific photographer for the Smithsonian Institution's Bureau of…
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