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The Virginia Indian Archive is a project of the Virginia Indian Heritage Program at the Virginia Humanities, which helps to redress centuries of historical omission, exclusion, and misrepresentation. The Program creates opportunities for Virginians of all ages, as well as visitors to the state, to learn about the history and cultures of Virginia Indian people and communities, past and present. It interprets Virginia Indian history and cultures in ways that are accurate, culturally sensitive and broadly accessible. Its benefits touch every citizen of Virginia, especially teachers, students and the tribes themselves through research initiatives, summer teacher institutes, grants, conferences, publications and partnerships.

Funded by Dominion Resources, Inc. and the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, the project began in 2011 as an attempt to gather and record the many historic photographs in the possession of Native families, tribal archives, and museum facilities, so that the images could be preserved and digitally accessed. In addition to photographs, the archive includes maps, letters, treaties and other texts, as well as audio interviews and video programs collected from sources throughout the U.S. and beyond. Through this two-year project, researchers visit tribal communities to scan historic photographs and documents and collect oral histories from tribal elders and others. Staff collects historic images housed in archives and other facilities; gathers relevant documents such as treaties, court records, and letters; and builds audio and video programs such as the narrated slideshow, “A Place to Be Ourselves”.

Copyright and Reproduction

Every effort has been made to ascertain correct identification of both primary and secondary sources from which images have been obtained. Dates may refer to the date an image was published, at other times to when a photographer visited an area; in other cases, we could only assign a general time period. Despite our efforts, errors remain, and we welcome any comments, suggestions, or corrections.

Copyright 2018, Virginia Humanities and University of Virginia. All rights reserved.

Designed for use as an educational resource. Many images in this archive are protected by copyright. They are not to be used, duplicated or republished for personal or organizational profit.

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