Pre-Clovis Blades


Pre-Clovis Blades


For a long time, archaeologists believed that people first arrived in the Americas about 13,000 years ago, forming the widespread Clovis culture. But after the discovery of these pre-Clovis stone blades and other artifacts from a site in Sussex County (south-central Virginia), archaeologists have evidence that people have lived in Virginia since at least 18,000 - 20,000 years ago. The predecessors of these people likely arrived to the continent by boat along the Northern Pacific coasts rather than across the Bering Land Bridge, which was still covered in ice at that time. (Photo enhanced)

Date Created

18,000 - 11,000 B.C.E.


Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Richmond, VA



Physical Dimension

699 × 525


Sussex County

File: 44SX0202_pre-Clovis_blade_cluster_L.12_&_13_W105N100_McAvoy_credit.tif