Mantle: A Tribute to Virginia Indians


Mantle: A Tribute to Virginia Indians


Located on the grounds of Virginia's State Capitol and currently under construction, the Mantle tribute is one of only a few monuments to Native peoples on any state grounds in the U.S.
Oriented to the earth and incorporating existing trees in the area, Mantle combines four integrated spiral elements to create the shape of a Nautilus. A five-foot wide winding footpath follows the outline of the monument; rising from and returning to the earth. Along the path is a continuous stone wall, which also serves as a bench. Natural landscaping throughout the monument consists of a selection of perennial native plant species, including wildflowers. A meditation area, at the center of the spiral, features an infinity pool with a center medallion inscribed with the Native names of many Virginia rivers. The water within the pool reflects the river culture existing within the tribes. Decorating the sides of the sculpture are frieze-like, life-size reliefs of corn, squash, and beans (the Three Sisters crops) as well as oyster shells from the Chesapeake and other objects significant to the region and its Native inhabitants.


Karenne Wood

Date Created



Chris Peace



Physical Dimension

796 x 599



Rights Statement: Alan Michelson