Marcey Creek Ceramic Sherds


Marcey Creek Ceramic Sherds


Marcey Creek ceramics are the diagnostic ceramic type of the Early Woodland period. They are tempered with soapstone (steatite) and hand-molded, directly emulating the production and appearance of the earlier soapstone vessels from the Late Archaic period. This is how archaeologists know that ceramic technology was developed by Indians living in Virginia, instead of being introduced by trade or migration of other groups. These sherds are from Wythe County in southwestern Virginia. The small white flecks in the image are bits of soapstone that were mixed into the clay as temper for extra stability during and after firing. (Photo enhanced)

Date Created

1200 - 500 B.C.E.


Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Richmond, VA



Physical Dimension

1550 × 1500


Wythe County