The Monacan Homecoming Festival

St. Paul's Bazaar

Over the years, St. Paul's Bazaar continued to attract large crowds, and the money helped to sustain the church. Women made and sold baked good, canned foods, craft items, and quilts. The men set up the area. They eventually added a buffet dinner to the attractions, held in the large hall of the parish building. Tribal women, and some men, contributed side dishes and desserts, while other women cooked turkeys and hams to share. When the tribe received the land from the Diocese, they changed the name of the event to the Monacan Homecoming, although funds still support St. Paul's Church.

Monacan Homecoming, 2005

Monacan Homecoming 2005

In the late 1990s, a friendly neighbor, R.G. Bryant, offered to begin a Scholarship Fund for tribal youth, and he and Roy Johns, then assistant chief, held a barbeque and began collecting items to be sold at an auction held during the Homecoming. This event proved lucrative and popular, and Monacans began working together to gather items and staff the auction. Monacan young people, dressed in regalia, began demonstrating powwow dances for the public. Each year the community looks forward to a great reunion and gathering, welcoming the public, and opening the tribal museum and log cabin for all to visit.

Bear Mountain Indian Mission School

The Log Cabin Schoolhouse, now restored.